Dutchman Doors
Hand Crafted Cabinet Doors
Executive Series Rope Series Mitered Series Premier Series Bay Series
Applied Molding Raised Panels
Applied Molding Recessed Panels
Applied Molding French Lite
Beaded and V-Groove Panels
Raised Multi-Panels
Recessed Multi-Panels
Vertical Grain Fir
Outside Edge: OS11
Inside Edge: Square
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Rails and Stiles Width:2 1/2
Manufactured with Center Rail:N/A
Door Minimum W x H:6 1/2 x16
5-Piece Drawer Front Stiles:N/A
5-Piece Drawer Front Rails:N/A
Drawer Front Minimum W x H:N/A
1-Piece French Lite:N/A
1-Piece Mullion WidthN/A
True Divided French Lite:N/A
True Divided Mullion Width:N/A